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How to Manage my Page Effectively and Increase its Organic Reach?

Ansar Omar 04/5/2020

You can increase your page like, followers and reach by sponsoring, but increasing the organic reach and likes of your page without sponsoring needs some techniques and knowledge about the digital environment.

fill all the information in the different sections of your page especially the description section of the page and if possible, write them as bullet points.

There are five points that you need to know to have a proper appearance of your page and consequently have more organic reach. First, you should choose an interesting name to your page. This increases people’s engagement to your page, and more people would like your page. If it has an interesting name compare to a normal name, thus its organic reach increases. Second, fill all the information in the different sections of your page especially the description section of the page and if possible, write them as bullet points. It is crucial since people see the logo and the description when they visit your page, or when your page reach them. Third, you need to have a logo for your page. This logo works as the first impression to illustrate your page to your audience, and it is more attractive with a proper logo for people online. Fourth, every post is better to be accompanied by a proper design that reflects the content of the post since people see the picture, and the design before the content and focus on the design. At the last part of this article we will explain several themes for design and logos. Last but not least, it is better to have videos since people tend to watch while they are lazy and do not like to read.

The five points about post content and its coordination. First, posts must be short, better be in the range of 4 sentences to reach its maximum audience. Longer content tends to reach smaller number of audiences. Second, the content is supposed to be catchy for example including a question mark on your post or catchy phrases that push your audience to read the whole post. Third, Hashtags are very crucial to your post that help people find your content and be referred to your content easily. Fourth, do not always post about your business, you can post fun contents or daily related news such a response of covid-19 or appreciation message for health and security forces. Fifth, you must choose your golden time or (best time to post) most of followers online, for example in Iraq 8.30 is a golden time to post since the traffic is maximus at those time. Have a Schedule to your posts and make them a pattern.

What else should I do? Despite the ten mentioned points, Consider the following points to reach maximum organic reach. First, you need to engage with your audience for example replay comments and message are coming to your page. Give value to those who follow you, depending on your target group, the value is different. you can bring value to your followers through your content. Second, find your niche, if your page is a business account, don't post contents about yourself. You must determine your target group and send the message accordingly. Third, despite choosing the best time to post you need to know the period between each post there should be a time at least 4 hours since to reach the maximum organic reach. Fourth, Live events are another form that help the page to have more engagement. Fifth, you need to figure out fantastic way to engage for example tag 5 of your friends and you will win 50,000 IQD tomorrow. Finally, when you sponsor a post many people like the post but do not like the page, it is a good step to invite them to like your page too.

A focus on design? The most important element for a designed post is to have the least writing, element and texture on the designed post. The color of the design must go together and go with the logo of the page. The designer is supposed to know the attractive colors and the colors are used for alert and other thematic colors too. Every sector has its own specific color with the meaning behind it. As we mentioned each sector has its own color coordination. For example, often dark yellow or dark red will be used as attention color. It does not mean that all the post to those colors. Most often companies and brands have their own color. It is possible to use other color in addition to main color of the brand or the company. It is important not to write more than a sentence on the design, and the design must be reflection of the content was written for the post. The sentence must be well written and if possible, just write one word.