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Research: The Impact of COVID-19 on Company's Work and Their Workforce in KRG

Barham Hama 07/5/2020

COVID-19 will have negative impact on the companies. For example, about 52% of the employees expected that their companies will survive for less than two months; however, about 13.5% of the respondents believed that this curfew will not impact their companies.

COVID-19 is still evolving all around the world, and it has made some companies to announce their bankruptcies. Also, Kurdistan Regional Government is not away from these huge impact on its economy and companies. This research examines the impact of COVID-19 on company’s work and their workforce in KRG. The aim is to know how the companies follow different strategies to remain in the competitive edge. For this purpose, the work of other researchers has been reviewed all around the world to gain some information about the topic, and it indicated that COVID-19 the main key factors influencing the company’s work and their workforce negatively to remain in the market and be the key competitive for their respective organizations Furthermore, the employees of the local companies have been surveyed by giving them questionnaires to gather primary data and understand the importance of COVID-19 on their work and workforce in KRG. We have used social media to publish the survey questionnaires and randomly gathering data. We have also given the options to the employees to answer the questionnaires. The sample group included employees in KRG and we have received back 142 responds for the survey questionnaires. The collected data were carefully analyzed by using descriptive statistics to understand the impact of COVID-19 on companies in the region. The data collected displayed a strong relationship between COVID-19 and its impact of the local companies. The findings illustrate that companies in KRG need to emphasize more on providing technological and online based tools for their employees so that the employees have the required tools and knowledge in their positions to be able to work online in such cases.

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